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**NEW** Just arrived from New York, USA


270 years old, original hand-coloured engravings from Christoph Trew and Georg Ehret's 1st Edition of the magnificent "Plantae Selectae".

Published in Germany (Nuremberg 1750 - 1773) 

Christoph Jacob Trew (1695 - 1769) was a German botanist, solicitor and physician. His interest in botany led him to sponsor the publication of illustrated botanical books. 

Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708 - 1770) began his working life as a gardener's apprentice. He became one of the most influential European botanical artists of all time. In 1768, when the young botanist Joseph Banks returned from Newfoundland with the botanical specimens that made his early reputation, it was to Ehret he turned for meticulous paintings on vellum.

The Plantae Selectae is considered to be the finest botanical work ever printed in Germany.

Exhibiting now at 248 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

Gallery Open - 11am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday. 

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