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Plate 58 Hawthorn-scented Boronia 


The Botanist's Repository, Volume 1: Comprising Colour'd Engravings of New and Rare Plants Only With Botanical Descriptions

by Henry Andrews


Henry Charles Andrews, The botanist’s repository for new and rare plants, vols I–II, London, printed by T Bensley and published by the author, 1797–1814.

The precision and accuracy of Henry Charles Andrews’ study of new plant species in The botanist’s repository for new and rare plants made this publication the first true rival to William Curtis’s The botanical magazine. Andrews’ examination of new plants in a number of England’s notable nurseries led to his first publication of ten volumes, which was well received by a growing population of 19th-century amateur gardeners.


Plate size approximately 20cm x 25cm


Botanist's Repository Plate LVIII BORONIA PINNATA

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